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Discover How Your Nissan Intelligent Key® Works in Opelousas, LA

Your new 2022 Nissan is packed with amazing features that bring safety, style and performance to your daily drives. Technology is built in throughout your model for entertainment, navigation and convenience — and this tech extends all the way to your car key! Most new Nissan models come with an Intelligent Key®, a smart key fob that can perform a wide range of tasks.

Beyond starting and stopping the engine remotely, the Intelligent Key® can roll down the windows, turn on the lights and honk the horn when you need to find your car from a distance. If you accidentally leave your keys in the car, the vehicle won’t lock until you’ve retrieved the Intelligent Key® from inside. No need to call a locksmith! The Intelligent Key® can even access the Driver’s Memory System (when equipped) so your seat and mirror positions revert back to your preferences after another driver has been in the car.

The Intelligent Key® is a high-tech device, but sometimes you’ll see a warning on your vehicle’s information display related to the key. The team here at Giles Nissan Opelousas is ready to help you understand what these warning lights mean and how you can resolve issues with your Intelligent Key® without any fuss. If you have more questions about how your key operates, such as what to do if it stops working or how many Intelligent Key® fobs you can have in total, we can help with that too. Below you’ll find answers to all these questions.

Nissan Intelligent Key® Warnings and Indicators

Key Battery Low

You’ll see this warning when the Intelligent Key® battery is nearly out of power. If you see this indicator, replace the battery as soon as possible.

Key ID Incorrect

This warning appears when your ignition switch is placed in the ON position but the Intelligent Key® is not recognized by the car. You can’t start the engine with an unregistered key.

Key System Error

After you place the ignition switch in the ON position, you might see this warning for a period of time. This error message means there’s a malfunction with the Intelligent Key® system. You will need to have one of our technicians check your car to resolve this issue. If your engine is running when you see this message, you should still be able to drive the car. If the engine is off when the error appears, you may not be able to start the engine.

No Key Detected

This message appears when the Intelligent Key® is not in the vehicle when you turn the ignition switch to ON. The car won’t start without the Intelligent Key® inside the vehicle. This can also happen if the key fob battery is dead.

What Do I Do When My Nissan Intelligent Key® Won't Work?

If your Intelligent Key® battery needs to be replaced or it won’t work for some other reason, you can still start the engine. Here’s how:

  1. Put the car in Park.
  2. Step on the brake.
  3. Touch the ignition switch with the Intelligent Key®. You will hear a chime. Press the switch again without pressing the brake, and the ignition switch will change to ON.
  4. Push the ignition switch again while depressing the brake pedal. The engine will start. You’ll need to do this within 10 seconds after the chime sounds.

Replace the battery in your Intelligent Key® as soon as possible.

How Many Nissan Intelligent Keys® Can I Have for My Nissan?

Up to four Intelligent Keys® can be registered and used with your Nissan model. Each new key must be registered prior to use with your vehicle’s system. We recommend having one of our service technicians help you with this service. When you come in, bring all Intelligent Keys® that you have for your vehicle, as the registration process requires the memory in the keys to be erased so that new keys can be added.

You will receive a key number plate with your keys. Please record the key number and keep it in a safe place outside your vehicle. If you lose your keys, visit our dealership and bring the key number so we can make you a duplicate. Our dealership does not record key numbers and neither does Nissan, so it is very important to keep track of your key number plate. This number is only necessary if you have lost all keys to the vehicle; if you lose one key and still have another, we can make a new key based off of the one you have.

A key number is only necessary when you have lost all keys and do not have one to duplicate from. If you still have a key, it can be duplicated without knowing the key number.

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*Radio waves could adversely affect electric medical equipment. Those who use a pacemaker should contact the electric medical equipment manufacturer for the possible influences before use. The Intelligent Key transmits radio waves when the buttons are pressed. The FAA advises the radio waves may affect aircraft navigation and communication systems. Do not operate the Intelligent Key while on an airplane. Make sure the buttons are not operated unintentionally when the unit is stored for a flight.