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Nissan Intelligent Mobility, Intelligent driving. Intelligent power. Intelligent integration.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility in Opelousas, LA

The team here at Giles Nissan Opelousas understand that innovation is crucial to success. For decades, Nissan has been busy contributing to the automotive field, and we love to present their ideas, research and hard work because it benefits our customers (and our roads) tremendously. The Nissan Intelligent Mobility initiative takes hold of this innovation, and streamlines it to define transportation to make it better for everyone! Can you imagine a world where driving was less of a stressful hassle and more of an exciting and connective experience? Nissan can.

Many of the technologies listed are already available in new Nissan models on the market, with many more innovations still to come in Nissan safety. Discover how Nissan Intelligent Mobility is making our roads safer.

What’s Included in

Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

The Nissan lineup keeps getting better and better. The available technology on Nissan models ensures peace of mind that you’re driving an intelligent car that will proactively work with you as you go. Below are the features you’ll find standard and available on most new Nissan models:

ProPILOT Assist

By providing small steering inputs, ProPILOT Assist can help you follow traffic as well as brake with a touch of a button.1

Automatic Emergency Braking

This feature utilizes radar technology to monitor the vehicle directly in front of you and can give you audible and visual warnings and apply braking to assist you in avoiding or reducing the seriousness of a frontal collision.2

Rear Automatic Braking

As an available feature, this surveys the area right behind your vehicle for fixed items you might not see. If you do not stop, it can automatically engage the brakes to help circumvent a rear collision or lessen the severity of an impact.3

Nissan Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention

Stay confident when changing lanes. This feature detects a vehicle in the blind spot area and nudges you if you begin to move over.4

Nissan Intelligent Lane Intervention

If you start to move out of your lane, Nissan Intelligent Lane Intervention helps to keep you between the lines.5

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

When backing out of a parking space, Rear Cross Traffic Alert watches the area around the rear of the vehicle and can notify you about detected approaching vehicles you may not notice.6

Nissan Intelligent Around View Monitor

Stuck in a tight parking space? With a simulated bird's eye view of your surroundings, you can see what you might have missed.7

Nissan Intelligent Back-up Intervention

Nissan Intelligent Back-up Intervention looks out behind you and can automatically brake for objects you can't see.8

High Beam Assist

Available High Beam Assist automatically switches to low-beam headlights when it senses a vehicle ahead and turns the high beams back on when you need them again.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Available Traffic Sign Recognition won't have you guessing the latest speed limit since it detects road signs as you go.

Hill Start Assist

When you’re on a steep hill, there’s sometimes that car behind you that’s a bit too close for comfort. Lucky for you, Hill Start Assist can apply brake pressure for a few seconds to help keep you from rolling backwards.

Intelligent Trace Control

Intelligent Trace Control reads the situation and, if necessary, can brake each wheel independently to help you steer evenly through the corners.9

Active Ride Control

Bump? What bump? Active Ride Control can automatically apply the brakes and adjust motor torque to smooth out your ride, turning those mountains into molehills.

If you happen to have any questions about Nissan Intelligent Mobility, come visit Giles Nissan Opelousas at 4383 I-49 South Service Road, Opelousas, LA 70570 or contact us online. Located in Opelousas, LA, we serve customers throughout Carencro, Eunice, Port Barre and Central Louisiana.

1ProPILOT Assist cannot prevent collisions. Always mintor traffic conditions and keep both hands on the steering wheel.

2Automatic Emergency Braking cannot prevent all collisions and may not provide warning or braking in all conditions. Driver should monitor traffic conditions and brake as needed to prevent collisions.

3Rear Automatic Braking cannot prevent all collisions and may not provide warning or braking in all conditions. Driver should always turn and check surroundings before driving.

4Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention cannot prevent all collisions and may not detect every object or warn in all situations. Driver should always turn and look before changing lanes.

5Intelligent Lane Intervention only operates when lane markings are detectable.

6Rear Cross Traffic Alert may not detect all vehicles.

7Intelligent Around View Monitor cannot eliminate blind spots and may not detect every object. Driver should always turn and check surroundings before driving.

8Intelligent Back-Up Intervention may not detect every object. Driver should always turn and check surroundings before driving.

9Intelligent Trace Control cannot prevent collisions or loss of control. Driver should remain in control of vehicle at all times.