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Winter Car Care Tips in Opelousas, LA

Since cold weather and freezing temperatures sometimes plague Opelousas, LA, you’ll want to know of some important steps for keeping your vehicle safe during the winter. These measures will ensure that your model has enough starting power, stopping power and more to combat bad weather. The best thing for your vehicle is to keep up with repairs and maintenance. This will only make your car more secure and safe while driving through those tough winter conditions. If you want to know about more ways to keep safe during the winter, check out our top four winter tips below.

Top 4 Winter Tips

1. Switch Tires

In those freezing temperatures, your tires can lose up to a pound of pressure every drop of 10 degrees in temperature (Fahrenheit). During the winter, it’s best to routinely fill your tires with air and even switch them throughout the season. Tires that are used in different seasons ― like summer ― won’t fare well with cold conditions. Changing them will give you more traction and a more secure ride for your travels.

2. Keep Your Tank Full

While you may already regularly check your tank for a full amount of gas, doing so during the winter will pay off. This action will ultimately keep your tank from freezing and your car having trouble. On the plus side, having a full tank of gas will come in handy for a long trip or if you’re stuck somewhere and need to keep your vehicle running.

3. Keep Cool with Coolant/Antifreeze

One fluid that is vital to your car during the wintertime is antifreeze. Having this coolant will prevent your car’s engine from freezing. If you’re not sure if you have enough fluids, ask one of our certified service technicians when you’re in for a visit.

4. Have a Survival Kit

And while this may seem unnecessary, having a survival kit in your vehicle is a resourceful outlet if you’re ever stuck during a storm. Some helpful items include flashlights, jumper cables, a phone charger, a first-aid kit, warm clothing and even road flares.

Don’t let the weather beat you down! Your car, truck or SUV needs to be prepared for the winter season. If you'd like to learn more or need repairs for your vehicle, contact us today or stop by our dealership at 4383 I-49 South Service Road, Opelousas, LA 70570. Located in Opelousas, LA, we look forward to serving our customers near Carencro, Eunice, Port Barre and Central Louisiana.